Washmatic India Brings The Ultimate Item For Your Daily Use

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Washmatic India brings the ultimate item for your daily use

Washmatic India brings the ultimate item for your daily use

  • POSTED ON Sunday, July 26, 2020

There are many types of industries where many types of kitchen warehouse products are required. Many hotels, restaurants, and industries are the largest users but apart from these they are also required in other industries.

Washmatic India is a commercial manufacturer of automatic dishwashing machines, chemicals, and conveyor systems. Its products are highly durable and cost-effective. Here we will look into some of the other things apart from the company products such as company policy, certifications, and the company's existing client base.

What types of products does it manufacture?

Washmatic India is engaged in the manufacturing of various kitchen and food industry related products. It manufactures various types of machines, equipment, and chemicals that are used from food making, storing, washing, and transporting requirements. Here is the complete list of products manufactured by the company-

Dishwashing machines

Crate washing machines

l  Accessories such as water softener machines, dish, and crate storing racks, dryers, sinks, trash bins, etc.

l  Chemicals such as detergents, tablets, etc.

Conveyor systems

l  Vegetable washers

l  UV sanitisers

A highly diverse client base

Washmatic India has a diverse client base and meets the requirements of different clients from various industries. Thus you can get a sense of their rich experience and understanding in designing such machines.

It clients are scattered on a range of industries that include-

l  Hospitals

l  Educational institutes such as colleges

l  Government and PSU sector

l  Defense

l  Hotels and restaurants

l  Various food processing and manufacturing industries

l  Other factories

What does the company say in its quality policy?

The company is engaged in the production of automatic machines for dishwashing and other accessories. It always ensures that the best quality products are manufactured that are safe for human use. All products are CE certified

The company has a stringent policy to adherence to meeting quality standards for each product segment. It has a quality control mechanism where each of the products manufactured is rigorously tested before handover to the wholesalers and distributors. The company clearly states in its policy that its products are made with the sole intention of easing down the processes at each stage in the commercial industry. 

Certifications of Washmatic India

Washmatic India has all the certifications required for the production and manufacturing of automatic kitchen and food processing machines. It is certified with the NSIC as an MSME industry. It also has ISO9001:2008 certification and that means it has a standardized process and quality control for each process in the product design and manufacturing phase.

All products are CE certified, thus it considers its products for the health and safety for general use and simultaneously ensures that none of its products are severely damaging to the environment.

Servicing requests

Washmatic India provides all sorts of servicing requests for its clients. Thus if you are a commercial client of Washmatic India you will get full servicing for the lifetime of the machines. With highly experienced professionals you can get round the clock maintenance and annual servicing and repairing services for your purchased products.  

Company background

Washmatic India started operations in 2006. It provides washing solutions to the food and beverage industry. Apart from its office in Delhi it has sales and services offices in other cities in India as well.



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