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Some reports make it seem as if college admission is impossible for all but the top students. While it's true that Ivy League and other highly competitive schools have admission rates in the single digits, these highly selective colleges and universities may not provide every student with the best educational opportunities. In 1996, former "New York Times" education editor, Loren Pope, wrote "Colleges That Change Lives: 40 Schools You Should Know about Even If You're Not a Straight-A Student." His goal was to highlight less well-known colleges that encourage their students along the way to being successful and productive graduates. This book, now in its fourth edition, has been updated periodically with new insights and information.

Why Focus on Colleges That Change Lives?

Loren Pope was a long-time advocate for education who noticed that students, parents, and counselors focused on name recognition and prestige when selecting colleges. He also saw competition for admission to Ivy League and other highly selective universities increase, leaving many families feeling as if they had few college options. "Colleges That Change Lives" begins with these words of encouragement: "This book is much more than a message of hope for the 97% who don't go to designer-label colleges or brand-name universities." The book focuses on 40 colleges where Pope believes students get an education as good as, or better than, what they'd receive at an Ivy League school.

How Were Colleges Selected?

Pope set out to identify colleges that did more than move students through the system and present them with diplomas four years later. He sought colleges that would affect, influence, and change students for the better—schools that would multiply the talents of all students through a process of collaborative involved education. To compile his list, Pope visited many colleges and spoke with students, faculty, and former graduates.


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